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– Gluten Free Carrot Cake w. Cream Cheese Icing –

Last night I decided to try out this cake recipe for my own personal amusement as well as for the 1st recipe review on this blog. While putting together the icing this morning I realized that cakes and relationships have some things in common. If a cake doesn’t turnout, forget about the failure, give it to your dog, or just pile icing on every slice. Somehow someway that sad piece of cake can be saved. If a relationship doesn’t workout, forget about the failure, give the finger to the “dog”, and delve into something new and improve yourself instead of focusing on the frustrating flaws of others. Somehow someway you’ll realize that that sorry combination of you and the other person was never going to be saved but that you yourself are still salvageable. And you are worth the effort – you know you are.

Moving on, I have to say that this recipe was quite disappointing. To begin with, you can’t have a gluten-free vegan cake if your cake contains eggs but your icing is vegan. I’m not sure what the recipe creator was thinking, but it doesn’t work that way! If you go vegan, everything is vegan. If you go gluten-free, everything is gluten-free. No exceptions. In some cases it will set back a person’s nutrition for 2 weeks and in other cases there may be serious medical reactions – BE CAREFUL when you read recipes, make sure you take note of each ingredient list item.

Here are the details:

Texture – (cake) dry, crumbly, dense. (icing) creamy, runny.

Taste – (cake) bland, somewhat on the salty and flour-y side. (icing) very sweet, very mild cream cheese flavour.

Cost – High

Glamour Appeal – Low

Recommended For – Large one layer carrot cake.

Not Recommended For – Multi-layer cakes, cupcakes, sculpted cakes.

The Reformed Carb Enthusiast Tip – Try this recipe with a GF Vanilla Cake mix (I used Red Mills Biscuit & Baking Mix for my first try) and for the icing use a recipe for regular cream cheese icing or your own tried and true vegan icing recipe.

Find the recipe here –


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