Product Review: Genius by Glutino Multigrain Sandwich Bread

The week before Thanksgiving I was en route to the airport to pick up family for the holiday weekend and, on the way, stopped to do my weekly grocery shopping. It was there that I browsed each aisle keeping an eye out for something new and interesting. The next thing I knew I was standing staring blankly at shelf after shelf of frozen pizzas and having the typical “should I?” or “shouldn’t I?” debate with myself for the 1000th time. Am I the only one who feels like a prisoner on jailbreak in the chip and candy aisle or the the frozen pizza aisle or the baking aisle? Of course as you’re in those sections feeling guilty before even eating anything a perfect 10 walks by you and makes you feel like a sumo wrestler for even contemplating the possibility of something so decadent (or just full out junky). And so it happened – a 10 strolled by me with his cart and I made a slow motion dash to the dairy fridges because of course I wouldn’t buy a pizza. Who me? No way. During my great escape to the land of milk cartons and eggs though I discovered the organic, vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan frozen section and found my beloved Genius by Glutino Multigrain Sandwich Bread.

Here are the details:

Where to Buy – Loblaws Supermarkets (product varies by store).

Recommended For – Toast, Garlic Bread, French Toast, and Sandwiches.

Not Recommended For – Hamburger or Hot Dog Bun substitution.

What to Expect – the texture and elasticity of bread containing gluten and a great light taste. (Also expect to recheck the packaging to make sure it’s really gluten-free, the bread is THAT good).

Major Nutrition Stats – PER SLICE: 80 calories, 2 grams protein, 1 gram sugar, 1 gram fibre, 3.5 grams fat.

**This product is also dairy free**

Find out more here –


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